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At what age can a child be taught to read? This question is posed by many modern parents. The answer may not be obvious at first glance, but there are books without text for the youngest children. You can buy them in our online store.

The habit of reading is practiced from an early age

It is worth noting that books for babies are in great demand among caring parents. In order for a book to be a constant companion of an older child, it is necessary to get used to it from an early age. At the same time, reading should be perceived as a natural need, not a compulsion. It is for this style of upbringing that you should make sure that there are books for the little ones at home.

Literature for the youngest readers is different from books for preschoolers and schoolchildren. It emphasizes the beautiful design and conveying to the child the basic information about the world around. That is why books for the little ones are always beautiful, stylishly designed and informative at the level at which they can convey to the child information about the world around him.

Assortment diversity: interesting books for the little ones

Here you can see the edition for small children in a wide range. That is why parents have the opportunity to choose for their child the version of literature that they consider the best. For example, this could be the book "Yurchik. Ribun-balakun », where the fish appears in an unusual format for young readers and can talk.

No less interesting will be the book "Very Hungry Caterpillar" with a cute and funny fairy-tale character on the cover. "Contrasting book for the baby" is presented in different variations and is able to lift the mood of the baby. Also in great demand is the series "Shust and Shunya", where the friends of the hare and the target get into interesting stories and teach the child good and positive.

The benefits of our books

By ordering books for your child in our online store, you get such benefits as:

  • Only high-quality and relevant Ukrainian-language literature. Books for the little ones are presented by us with worthy modern editions that really deserve attention.
  • Stylish visual design of books. This applies not only to goods in this category, but also to the entire range. We try to form an assortment of such books that have a harmony of form and content, because we understand that the aesthetics of literature teaches a child to love the beauty of the world around him.
  • Interesting content of the presented books. We select publications for young children that really provide good leisure, instill a love of reading, set a good example and teach good.
  • Reasonable pricing policy. The prices for the offered books are affordable and favorable.

In addition to these benefits, we have a loyalty program for delivery. If you place an order for more than 80 euros, we will cover the costs of delivery at our own expense. So, get acquainted with the range and choose good books for your baby.