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What books to buy for a 12-year-old child

12 years is a very important age for the formation of a child. During this period, kindergartens switch from short fairy tales to science, fantasy and detective books for teenagers. The task of parents is to make this jump as pleasant as possible. However, this process can be much more complicated if you live outside of Ukraine and Ukrainian children's literature in your country is worth its weight in gold.

Such problems are solved by the kazka.de online store. Our warehouses are located in Germany, and we ship our products all over the world. Spain, Sweden, France, England - regardless of where you live, you will receive native literature.

What will a 12-year-old child like to read

12 years old is a difficult age. The child begins to rebel, strives for independence and dreams of distant lands and heart-breaking journeys. Girls and boys need new emotions. And a good story can give them. Young ladies and gentlemen are beginning to be interested in books about teenage love, adventure novels and tangled detective stories.

The website kazka.de has various books in Ukrainian for 12-year-olds. Applied literature will also be found among the goods. At this age, changes occur in the body that frighten the child. In order not to put your daughter or son in an uncomfortable position, you can buy a textbook that will contain answers to questions about puberty, emotional swings and relationships between the sexes. In such a textbook, your blood will find a correctly formed answer to its question.

For young brains, it is worth buying encyclopedias, which briefly and meaningfully explain how the world is built, talk about outstanding personalities and reveal the secrets of nature.

The virtual bookstore kazka.de has all kinds of books for teenagers: fantasy, comedies, detective stories and melodramas. Even a very picky reader will find a story for himself.

According to what criteria to choose a book for a child on the Internet

Undoubtedly, the best gift is a book. It is extremely convenient to buy such things online. Our website has a wide variety of books for children 12 years old. However, in order for the surprise to be a joy, and not remain gathering dust on the shelf, it must be chosen following certain rules:

  • Bright binding. It is from the binding that one gets to know the story. Wrapping, like good advertising, can successfully praise the product. Modern books for teenagers are presented on the pages of our online store - these are publications of recent years, the covers of which were worked on by talented illustrators. Such covers depict colorful protagonists who fall in love with themselves at first sight.
  • An interesting plot. After a successful visual introduction, it is important that the reader is captivated by a brief description of the story. It can be found in the detailed product information. If the child likes the plot, you can safely order the book.
  • Original design. Look at any list of top books for teenagers and you will understand that they all have one factor in common - an interesting design in the middle. These can be illustrations, comic strips, maps. Such books are very fun to read. If there are illustrations in the book, this must be indicated in the product description.

By learning about what books are available for children and what girls and boys like at the age of 12, it will be easy for you to decide on a purchase.

The country where the warehouse where all our books for children are stored is Germany. Accordingly, the delivery of goods to this territory takes place in the shortest possible time - 2-7 working days. How much the goods will be delivered to America or China depends on the work of the international logistics company.