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What can be done to make a child a real book lover, who will be a highly educated and intelligent person in adulthood? Many people ask such questions. Especially among those who belong to the Ukrainian diaspora abroad and want their children to love, respect and remember their native language. Indeed, it is very important to find a balance between respect for the country in which you live and not to lose your own cultural identity. That is why books in the Ukrainian language are important in the library of any Ukrainian, regardless of where he lives.

Children's books from a warehouse in Germany

Our online store has its own warehouse of books in Germany, so we have no problems with ordering quality children's literature in Ukrainian. You can buy books of various genres, depending on the age group to which your baby belongs. For example, in this category of literature there are books for children aged 1 year. Their range is sufficient for caring parents to choose for their child exactly the literature that will help to really form a child's love of reading from the first years of life. Going back to the question we started with, the answer is simple enough. For a child to love books when he grows up, they must be in his life from an early age. Only when literature is an integral part of a young person's life will he or she enjoy reading in adolescence and adulthood.

The benefits of our books

The modern book market offers books that can be used from the first months of a baby's life. Of course, children under the age of one should choose such books where a vivid image dominates the text and attracts attention. Books for children under 1 year old have one key task - to become a part of a child's life.

Here you will find books that:

  • carry a positive in terms of content;
  • have a stylish and visually attractive design, which is very popular with kids;
  • are offered by reliable publishing houses that carry out publishing activities in accordance with the law, and therefore offer only quality goods.

An additional advantage is the favorable prices and the loyalty program for delivery. If you decide to buy books worth 80 euros, delivery will be made at our expense, which will help save extra.

The variety of the range is for you

Quality books for the youngest children are well presented here. For example, this is the Great Book. Zabavlyanki "," Guess what. Typewriters "," Gingerbread Man "," Find and Show "and many other examples of literature that is designed to give children an idea of the world around them. There are also albums for parents of sons and daughters, which are aimed at capturing important moments in the life of the baby. Thus, our range is diverse enough for you to choose the best books for your baby. Remember that the love of reading is instilled from childhood. And a good book is an indispensable helper in this.