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We read with an 8-year-old child

8 years old is the age when children's thinking and psyche begin to form, cognitive abilities develop, and interest in the surrounding world awakens. It is important during this period to instill a love for books, both for fairy-tale books and for those that develop analytical thinking and logic. Books for an 8-year-old child are presented in a huge assortment, so it will be easy to choose the necessary option.

If you have already instilled in your little one a love of literature from a young age, congratulations! When a child has learned to read, the main task of parents is to choose different books for children to read, which should be interesting and exciting. These can be stories or works for independent study.

What books does the little one prefer?

Every parent understands that children need to read, but what exactly? Some find it difficult to choose books for children by age. Usually, 8-year-old children will not read huge boring stories, they will choose only those works that will interest them with their unusualness, humor and magic.

Knowing about the features of this age, it will be possible to better understand what a son or daughter wants and understand the advantages of a young reader:

  1. This is a time of great discoveries, new knowledge, and hitherto unknown information. The child, as a rule, wants to see the big world, he will like books in Ukrainian for 8 years about adventures and travels.
  2. A good choice is useful literature that tells how to act in a particular situation. For example, how to find friends, how to behave with the opposite sex.
  3. Fairy tales are still relevant, because children continue to develop imagination and fantasy, and have not yet completely left childhood.

At this age, separation begins, the child becomes more independent. Parents think that yesterday's baby is moving away, but this is not so. It is the tradition of joint reading that can become an important unifying factor that will help maintain warmth in the relationship with the child.

Popular genres

Of course, fairy tales should be included in the list of popular genres among children of this age group. These are good old stories about courage, bravery, friendship, honesty, kindness. The genre does not lose its relevance thanks to brave heroes, a plot with allegorical notes, interesting stories and easy reading.

The short story is another popular genre that is characterized by a small volume, a simple and clear plot line, and a limited number of characters. You can choose children's books about summer, nature, people, animals, school. For 8-year-old children, the story serves as a stepping stone that helps to move from fairy tales to more serious and complex children's works.

Another genre worth paying attention to is fantasy. It immerses children in other worlds, helps to develop fantasy and imagination. An interesting book for a child in the fantasy genre is distinguished by the brightness and fullness of the plot. Fantastic adventures attract young readers and force them to read the work to the last dot.

Where to buy a book

You can quickly buy a book for a girl or a boy in the Ukrainian language in the Kazka.de online store. A rich selection of literature will allow you to choose the best option and satisfy your child's reading needs. The following online books for children are in demand:

  • "Think like Sherlock Holmes" (authors: Carlo Karzan, Sonya Skalko);
  • The Jolly Rogers and the Monster's Gold (Johnny Duddle);
  • "Captains' Island" (Sofia Prokofieva);
  • "Peppermint, Mint and School" (Irmgard Kramer).

It is easy to buy books for children in Germany. They are sent all over the world, in particular to America, Canada, China, Australia. Territorially, the online store is located in Germany. You can buy a book for a boy from any corner of Europe.