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Children's fiction an excellent tool for mental development

Children's fiction is a source of wisdom, knowledge, experience, it is the development of the ability to get out of difficult situations. This is a kind of foundation on which all subsequent plans and aspirations to get acquainted with classical and modern works are built. Children's fiction is always close to a person, starting from the very first days of his life. Babies are often read fairy tales and stories, which helps to slowly familiarize them with everything that surrounds them: nature, objects, phenomena.

What does reading give?

Scientists have proven that fiction children's literature gives the young reader many undeniable advantages:

  1. Knowledge. Any work brings new knowledge to a small reader, and the more it becomes, the better he manages to resist any obstacles.
  2. Vocabulary expansion. With each new book, the student's vocabulary grows. And the more he reads, the more meaningful and elegant he begins to speak, which in turn contributes to the growth of self-confidence, and therefore, in the future, great career opportunities.
  3. Reducing stress. If a child feels stressed, as soon as a children's art book is in his hands, he immerses his head in the story, forgets about everything, the tension disappears, and the body relaxes.
  4. Memory improvement. Reading a novel or story and following the story, the student has to remember a large number of characters, their stories, feelings and many other details.
  5. Comfort. Picking up a volume of any work, the kid already relaxes, and what he is reading about can add a feeling of inner peace and pacification. And this is especially relevant if the child suffers from hyperactivity and it is difficult for him to calm down.

Fiction books for teenagers represent a wide variety of subjects, genres, formats, and with them the source of entertainment is never ending. At the same time, it is always available. You don't need a phone or the Internet, it's enough to pick up a book, find a quiet place and immerse yourself in reading.

What to choose to read?

Due to the fact that children's fiction is diverse, it becomes easier to make a choice. If the baby does not yet know how to read, his parents can read aloud. Such reading allows the child to learn to listen, which is very important. Getting acquainted with books, the child learns his native language better.

If the child knows how to read, you can let him choose the book himself. The catalog contains:

  1. "Toreadors from Vasyukivka. Trilogy about the adventures of two friends" is a novel by the outstanding Ukrainian writer Vsevolod Nestayk, which shows the true friendship between boys, describes their fun and daring antics. The boys have kind and brave hearts, value their friendship and are ready to do anything to save a friend from trouble.
  2. "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. Intermezzo" - the works of the famous writer Mykhailo Kotsyubynskyi. This is fiction for high school students. The story and novella are small in volume, where vivid and true images are depicted. They are considered the highest achievements of Ukrainian classical prose.
  3. "Robinson Crusoe" is a foreign children's fiction that thousands of readers still choose to buy. The work was written by the English author Daniel Defoe. After reading this novel, many children are delighted, re-read it later in adulthood to remember the mysterious atmosphere that absorbs from the first lines.

There is a range of fiction about space for children, you can order it from any corner of the globe. Our online store sends goods to America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe. We ourselves are located in Germany, but we offer to buy children's fiction to consumers from Ukraine and other countries.