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A large selection of books for children 10 years old

Good modern Ukrainian literature for children increases intelligence, replenishes vocabulary and broadens horizons. Many parents try to instill in their children a love of reading from childhood. According to psychologists, the age of 9-10 years is the last chance when children can still be interested in quality literature.

To teach your daughter or son to read, you must first choose interesting books for 10 older children that can capture the imagination. When a schoolchild gets involved in reading stories that are really impressive, you can offer teenage books that are recommended by the school program and must be studied.

What do experts advise?

Students of the specified age in books usually like adventures, an atmosphere of friendship and various pranks. Boys and girls prefer fairy tales, short stories and short stories, poems, cognitive and adventure literature.

Today, experts in pedagogy advise developing children's independence, initiative, and activity. Reading is an excellent help in this process — the best books of Ukrainian literature produce such human qualities in young readers as:

  • goodness;
  • compassion;
  • diligence;
  • love for the Motherland;
  • sense of justice;
  • respect for the country's cultural and spiritual values.

Psychologists insist that children should not be forced to read — such an approach will most likely drive away the love of books forever, and certainly will not awaken interest.

One of the best ways to get schoolchildren interested in books for 10-year-olds is the approach described in his works by the well-known teacher V.A. Sukhomlynskyi. According to him, it is necessary to tell children about the value of reading, to show the connection with success in studies and other matters. It is also worth citing examples of the positive impact of works on one's own life or the lives of other people.

Experts also advise choosing both new and classic books for ten-year-old children. The combination of literary masterpieces helps children to look at the world more broadly and think more original.

Criteria for selection

In addition to personal interests, the following criteria should be considered for choosing the top books for children in Germany:

  1. Sex. It is worth relying on who it is intended for - a son or a daughter. At this age, children have different preferences in literature. You can't set strict boundaries and impose attitudes in choosing a book — if a boy wants to read about the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, and a girl wants to learn about how to build an airplane, there's nothing strange about it.
  2. Availability of illustrations. It's worth looking at the cover. A colorful first page will quickly interest the child and make him look inside. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the internal design and check the availability of illustrations. It is important that the pictures are not too large.
  3. Amount. Do not force children to choose only voluminous novels. More pages do not mean more benefits, especially if the student is not very enthusiastic about reading. When you are just introducing him to literature, it is better to choose a small but interesting book. Over time, the child himself will understand which volume of the work he likes best.

Font size plays a significant role, writer. This is not the entire list of criteria, but they are considered key.

Where to buy?

The Kazka.de online store is pleased to offer an amazing selection of books for children and teenagers. You will be able to choose an option based on the price, interests and preferences of the young reader. If he is interested in adventure books for teenagers, you can look at the works, study the description and content.

A child likes to think, to concentrate on details, it is worth taking a closer look at books for teenagers in the detective genre. Buy what the heir likes, and he will thank you! We work all over the world — America, China, Canada. We send goods across Europe — to Spain, France, England. We are territorially located in Germany.