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Why read children's books in English or German?

Reading is a great way to improve a child's foreign language skills. Books in English for children are presented in a huge assortment. These are various grammar guides, simple short stories, exercise books.

If you need books for children in English from fiction, you can stop at simple works written in an accessible language, with an easy composition, interesting content, and an exciting plot.

How to choose?

If you are looking for literature for learning a foreign language, you should approach the choice of educational materials seriously. A children's book in English should contain a theoretical and practical part.

It is also necessary to take into account the characteristics of the age of the baby. Children under the age of 5 cannot yet maintain attention for a long time, they like to look at bright pictures and do not like to look at pages with a lot of text. It is difficult to get a little one to read independently, not to mention educational literature. Parents usually read books in German to their children.

If it is a work of fiction, then there should be memorable images, simple vocabulary and grammar, and important life lessons are presented.

When choosing books for children to learn German, it is important to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Topicality. Language is a living organism. Common words, phrases and grammar rules are subject to change. A modern or reprinted German book for children, rather than just an "old classic", may be the best option.
  2. A comprehensive approach. The textbook should practice both written and oral skills. The task of any guide is to give the child the widest possible knowledge and skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening.
  3. Emphasis on grammar. Grammar rules should be highlighted in the textbook, it is important to make sure that they are repeated in the workbook with exercises in a summary table. This is extremely important, because the more connection a child has with a specific grammatical topic in various aspects, the higher the chances that he will learn it quickly and successfully.

A book in German for children should correspond to the child's age. If we are talking about young readers (aged 2-5), then it should be a book with bright pictures, large enough to name the word and point to the picture, so the child can guess what is being said in books, without translation.

Where to buy

You can buy a children's book in German or English in the "Kazka.de" store. We are located all over the world, we have clients from different corners of the globe, in particular from America, China, Italy, Spain, Sweden.

We try to make sure that every child can develop intellectually and read interesting books. We strive to make the learning process as easy and relaxed as possible.

We have many customers from Ukraine, so we offer literature in their native language. If the family moved to Germany and is now doing everything possible to speak a foreign language, then a children's book in German will allow you to master it better and simplify the learning process.

The assortment includes:

  • "Explanatory dictionary";
  • "English for school. Let's travel!";
  • «Proposition ABC exercise book. 1st stage. German with fun».

We hope that these textbooks will help you quickly immerse yourself in a foreign environment, learn the basic rules of grammar, and gain a few hundred words in reserve. Next, an artistic German book for children can come to the rescue, which will help develop reading skills.