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This is the age when the child is preparing for school or already attends the first grade. During this period, the child meets a new world, learns to be more independent and makes small discoveries every day. At this age, the need and interest in reading grows. Usually, it is during this period that the child learns to read. The main task of parents and the child's environment is to support and develop his interest. After all, we all know that it is easier to inculcate good habits in a child, and it is best to do it by demonstrating on one's own example. So parents should also remember the importance of reading. Great variety, beautiful full-color design and interesting content will help you easily choose books for children 6 years old.

The benefits of reading for children of this age:

  • development of memory and thinking;
  • expansion and enrichment of vocabulary;
  • motor development.

Books to read for six-year-old children are presented in our online store in a wide range. We are located in Germany, but we have available children's editions in the Ukrainian language. If you permanently or temporarily live in Germany and want to maintain or, on the contrary, develop your children's knowledge of the Ukrainian language, then you have made the right choice by visiting our website. Even if you are in Japan, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Austria or any other country, you can also buy a book for a child in Ukrainian. We will send your order to any corner of the world. 

What books will be interesting for a 6-year-old child?

Literature for children of this age category usually has a developmental character. An interesting book for 6-year-olds will attract attention and help prepare for school, make the child's adaptation to the educational process more calm and consistent.

All books for this age category of readers can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  1. Educational selection of books for children

This is literature that teaches reading by syllables, various alphabets, spellings, mathematical exercises, dictionaries.

  1. A developmental book for a child in Ukrainian

The main task of such publications is to help the child learn something new in an interesting game form. To encourage children, books can use stickers or colored inserts, for example, with maps of cities and countries. 

  1. Art publications


These can be 100-page books for children that contain fairy tales and stories from the countries of the world. Or separate editions that describe the adventures of the main characters in an exciting and understandable form for a six-year-old child.

Exciting books for children, regardless of which category they belong to, have common characteristics: large font, beautiful color images, high quality paper and printing, reliable mounting. After all, we understand that a child will spend a lot of time with a favorite book, so it should be of high quality, both in terms of its content and reliability of production.

Books in Ukrainian in Germany are available for order in any volume. Prompt processing of the order and the ability to send to any country in Europe and the world makes it possible to receive any children's Ukrainian publications in a short time. A flexible pricing policy and a large assortment help to buy a book for a 6-year-old child within the budget that you are ready to spend on reading to the little one.