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Peculiarities of the involvement of 14-year-old children in reading

Finding an interesting book for a 14-year-old is very difficult: the selection of publications is huge, so sometimes you have to buy something at random, hoping to "hook" a young reader. To please is a more difficult task. Someone likes adventure novels, someone is delighted with fantasy, and someone only serves the classics. In any case, it is worth buying children's books in Ukrainian in order to at the same time instill in the child love and respect for the native language, to add to the cultural values of the people.

To choose really interesting books for teenagers in Ukrainian in Germany, you need to take into account the tastes of the younger generation. Boys, as a rule, choose stories about fantastic and parallel worlds, the distant future, the fight against evil, overcoming oneself. And girls usually prefer novels about wizards, fairy-tale creatures, first love and true friendship, and personality development.

Psychologists recommend paying attention to books about teenagers from classical literature of the 19th and 20th centuries. You can find thrillers about extraterrestrial civilizations, scientific achievements, dangerous adventures and the Great Patriotic War. Stories about peers who lived 100 years ago are very fascinating: because you always want to know how and what was "there", to compare it with the present. And for literature lessons, such works are incredibly useful - high fives for the works and answers at the blackboard are guaranteed!

Internet-shop the best option to buy

The online store "Kazka.de" is happy to welcome everyone who cares about the development of their own child. There are a large number of children's books for teenagers. You can choose the desired option and place an order in a few minutes.

We work in Germany, but we send goods far beyond the borders of this country. Japan, Korea, China, Australia - there are no borders for us. The main thing is to satisfy the needs of customers in reading and give positive emotions from interesting stories. We also send printed editions to Spain, Sweden, France, Italy. In the catalog you can find the works of domestic and foreign writers:

  • Lewis Carroll;
  • Olga Kobylyanska;
  • Valya Vzdulska;
  • Vsevolod Nestayko;
  • John Colfer;
  • Arthur Conan Doyle.

We sincerely believe that children will love novels and stories and they will read the texts without stopping. Sometimes, parents face a problem when their child does not want to read. The love of reading does not tolerate violence, so you should definitely not force your child to read if he refuses. Here a lot depends on the parents. If a teenager never sees an adult with a book, reading will not be attractive to him.

A good option to start — detective books for teenagers 14 years old. They often have an interesting and dynamic plot that will not let the reader get bored.

What books are available?

Here is a list of the best books for 14-year-olds:

  1. Motivational books for teenagers - motivational literature acts as a faithful companion and assistant in any business and endeavor, it is capable of making enormous changes in a person's personality and life.
  2. Books on psychology for teenagers often cover "uncomfortable topics" that a teenager is not ready to discuss with parents and peers. Books about psychology for 14-year-olds help find answers to confusing questions.
  3. Books for teenagers about love are especially popular with young readers. The events of such works can develop in a post-apocalyptic world, a magical country.
Each genre is unique, but it's still worth letting your teen choose what to read. Perhaps this book will begin a great journey of a young man or lady into the wonderful and beautiful world of literature.