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Children's detectives a world of incredible adventures and mysterious riddles

The detective genre has recently experienced a surge in popularity among children's audiences. Unlike the often complex classic works, detective stories for children offer light, dynamic stories with a twisted plot, funny dialogues and charming characters. Here, cats, dogs, fairies, penguins or ordinary children, endowed with curiosity and a desire to solve logical problems, stand guard over logic and intelligence. Illustrations for books allow you to reproduce the picture of what you read in your head and imagine all this as realistically as possible.

There are no charms or combat weapons in detective stories, and to solve the mystery, clarify the confusing events and identify the intruder, you only need intelligence, interest, attentiveness and intelligence.

What is the benefit of reading detective stories?

Detectives intended for young readers, in a relaxed and easy way, make them reason and think, they develop memory, flexibility of thinking.

Children's detective stories have a positive effect on the mental development of children. Children learn to think logically, to build cause-and-effect relationships. But this is not the only benefit from reading this literature. Other benefits of detective books for children:

  • force observation and deductive abilities to keep up with the development of the plot;
  • it is necessary to compare and compare a lot of different small details, to keep in focus several variants of the development of events, which helps to stimulate memory and attention;
  • children's detective books are a kind of intellectual quest; together with the characters, the child, solving one problem after another, ignites in himself the tenacity and excitement of the researcher, which in the future helps not to give up when encountering difficulties;
  • in such stories, the customs, culture and traditions of different peoples and eras are often described in detail, and this provides a tangible expansion of the horizons;
  • books about detectives for children captivate from the first pages, instilling a love not only for the genre, but also for reading in general.

Children's detective books will teach the child to better understand people, because such stories describe the behavior of people in various extreme, confusing and difficult situations. And if later your child learns to transfer these examples and prototypes of heroes to real life, then the child will be able to understand from whom and exactly what can be expected.

It is allowed to start reading children's detective books from the age of 6-7. It is then that the cognitive function of the brain is activated in children. The main thing is to choose works by age. It is advisable to give preference to a book with a large legible font. This helps children to strengthen the skill of independent reading.

What to read?

On the website of the online store "" you can find a fantastic selection of books that captivate from the first pages. Here you can buy children's detective books at the best prices and give your child unforgettable emotions from reading.

Our store operates in Germany, but we send goods throughout Europe, including France, England, Italy, as well as Canada, China, Australia.

It is important for us to understand exactly what and at what age it will be interesting and useful to read to a child. The best detective stories for children are collected on this page:

  • "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes";
  • "Chronicles of Archaeo. The Secret of Nefertiti's Jewel";
  • "The matter is for Kwiatkovsky. African mask";
  • "The Hound of the Baskervilles".

These stories will teach your children to pay attention to details, to concentrate on them. Thanks to detectives, kids learn a lot about the world around them in an interesting way. Children's detective stories are cheap and easy to buy from us.