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The best suggestions for reading to 11-year-olds

Eleven years is a difficult age. This is the period when children want to be independent, and parents should not control, but guide. A useful tool in this difficult task — books in the Ukrainian language that shape character and develop imagination. In order for the work to really be read, and not fall on the shelf with dust, it is necessary to interest the young reader. Books for 11-year-olds are famous for their variety of plots, unusual stories, and a large number of genres. At this age, stories about strong friendship, first love, overseas travel, and survival in post-apocalypse conditions are relevant.

Secrets of choosing a good book

The child's personal interests are an important parameter that must be taken into account when buying a work of art. Of course, you can look at new Ukrainian literature and make a choice on this basis. But if the student has developed certain tastes and preferences in the genre, subject matter, this should be taken into account. The following criteria will also be needed:

  1. Writer. It is recommended to study the authors of the presented works in detail, familiarize yourself with their works, evaluate the presentation style and clarity of writing. You know your child like no other and understand that it is still too early for him to read, and that it is time. See if the writer resorts to difficult to understand and long sentences, or writes easily and clearly. Make a conclusion, taking into account the student's ability.
  2. Amount. Of course, at this age it is time to teach a person to read voluminous books. But this is not the only possible option. Many pages are not always beneficial, especially if the young man or lady is not very enthusiastic about reading. When you are just introducing your own child to literature, it is better to choose small but interesting books for older children. Then the young reader will know what volume of the work is best for him.
  3. Font size. Another important aspect. It is advisable to give preference to texts with a medium-sized font. So it will be more convenient for the child to read, and it is unlikely that children's books by age in Germany will be put aside after 10 minutes of reading.

When choosing the most interesting books for teenagers, you should not ignore the cover. It is very good if the first page is bright, beautiful and attractive. Even adults, let alone children, can't get past the colorful illustrations. If the cover and the first pages can interest the child, he will definitely look inside and want to get to know the story in more detail.

A wonderful variety of books for every taste

In order to make the heir think and reason, as well as to develop his memory, to expand his horizons, it is not necessary to give him mathematical problems, exercises on logic. It is enough to hand over detective books for teenagers.

The exciting genre of fiction has many fans all over the world, not only among adults, but also among young readers. Detective stories help to become more careful and observant in everyday life. The best detective books for teenagers teach concentration and attention to detail.

If a schoolchild is interested in psychology, dreams of helping people cope with difficulties morally in the future, it is worth giving psychological books for teenagers.

Quick order of the book online

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