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Wimmelbuch is a developing book for children

Wimmelbuch is an illustrated puzzle book with bright pictures. Such a publication was made in a large format in the style of a comic book without printed text. Such books are suitable for children from the age of two, but the large number of heroes, each of whom lives his own life on the pages of the book, makes it relevant for children 6-7 years old. There are times when it is useful for adults to relax with such a book in their hands.

Why are the books called the big Wimmelbuch?

The main feature of such editions is the complete absence of text. This allows the child to independently invent the events that take place on the pages of the publication. That is, such a book promotes the development of imagination in children, teaches them the behavior of animals and people. Also, Wimmelbuchs are quite often dedicated to any season of the year, where the key properties of the season are indicated.

What is Wimmelbuch and what does it teach a child?

In addition to the development of imagination and worldview, the child learns to coordinate his attention. This is done through the use of small details that make up the story, which cannot be seen without giving them the appropriate amount of time. A child at the age of 2-3 years will not pay much attention to this, so it is useful to read such books together with parents, where children will be pointed out to interesting details of the story.

A family book with a variety of stories

Sitting together with your child, you will be able to independently invent various stories while looking at the book. A Wimmelbuch book can be a real detective story, or a bright adventure story, fantasy or interesting humor. The plot of the story depends entirely on your imagination. By reading such books, parents teach the child to independently fantasize and create individual stories. This approach to reading really appeals to kids and expands their worldview. So the child gains an interesting experience:

  • Develops imagination and attention;
  • Each time you can create a new plot;
  • The entire book is involved in the created story;
  • Many illustrations that contribute to a better imagination.

Where to buy Wimmelbuch books in Germany?

The kazka.de online store offers bright and interesting books in the Ukrainian language. The proposed editions differ not only in a large number of bright pictures, but also in appearance. Such a book has a small number of pages, instead of ordinary paper for printing, it uses strong cardboard. Therefore, Wimmelbuch can be given to children without worrying that they might spoil it. For a child, it can become a kind of toy and the first experience of independently creating an interesting story in his imagination.

Why should you buy Wimmelbuch?

In order for the book to begin to fulfill the function of your child's development, it is important not only to purchase the publication and give it to the baby, but also to set the child appropriate tasks:

  • Select a specific character and ask about his actions on the corresponding page;
  • Offer to count specific objects in the picture;
  • Ask about the emotional state, character of a particular character, describe his habits and behavior.

Such questions should be asked even to the youngest children, accordingly, you need to find answers to them independently or together with the child.