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Ukrainian poetry - poems

The Ukrainian language is gaining popularity in many countries of the world. The language is bright and amazing, despite the fact that it is one of the most difficult to learn in the world, it conquers the hearts of people with its melody and diversity. The Ukrainian language received such names as: "the language of the nightingale" and "the Kalinova language". Of course, such an interesting and truly melodious language could not help but create such a genre as Ukrainian poetry. Poems in the Ukrainian language are a bright mixture of harmonious words and rhymes, which are not found in any other language in the world. Poetry is filled with love, pain, suffering, the suffering of the people, the beauty of the earth and the bright colors of today. Poems in the Ukrainian language deserve special attention, they should be read, studied, listened to, you can fall in love with them at first sight.

Love and tenderness in various poems

Classical and modern poetry deserves special attention. One can only imagine that Kotlyarevsky's "Aeneid" was first published back in 1798, even before Pushkin was born. The poems of famous Ukrainian poets convey love for their people, experiences, despair and a sea of different emotions. It is difficult to explain it in words, you have to read Ukrainian poems, you have to fall in love with them. There is little creative heritage in the world that could compete with Ukrainian poetry. Read poems in Ukrainian to your children from childhood, teach them to enjoy the great works of past generations. Such poems teach children to love their country, to feel part of a large family that has lived and lives on the glorious banks of the Dnieper for centuries.

What to expect from Ukrainian poems?

It is difficult to find such love, loyalty and other sincere feelings anywhere else. In Ukrainian poetry, the age-old struggle of the people for their freedom, a real thirst for free flight, enjoying the beautiful nature of the country can be seen. If you constantly read such poems, it will help you to love your native land more, to better understand the history of your country, the cultural traditions of the people. online store offers to buy poems printed in Ukrainian by famous Ukrainian poets. Reading will give you real pleasure. Poems are ideal for reading in a cozy family circle, they carry the brightest emotions, promote the desire to live.

Translation into Ukrainian

There are many interesting stories in world poetry that have been translated into Ukrainian. The translation itself is a real creative work that should emphasize the hand of the master without losing the general meaning. The translators managed to reproduce the poems of many world classics in their native language, which makes it possible to read them in Ukrainian. If you want to order poems written in Ukrainian in Germany, just do it by contacting our store, which has a diverse collection of interesting classic and modern works.