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The literature presented in this category of our online store is aimed at helping a child better understand himself as he grows up. Many years ago, topics related to puberty were taboo. This gave rise to many negative consequences, starting with the fact that a significant number of girls simply did not know what menstruation was, and their first experience became a painful stress, accompanied by thoughts: "Something is wrong with me."

The same applies to myths that children are found in cabbage or brought by a stork. Until a certain age, children believed these fairy tales, and when they were confronted with the truth, it shocked them and formed the opinion that there is something bad in intimate life, if it is not possible to talk about it and explain the truth in response to such an urgent question "where do children come from?"

Books about growing up are in trend

Today, the culture and information awareness of society is higher, which helps to explain to children the answers to such questions without vain myths and positioning the intimate sphere as something abnormal. And quality literature for teenagers, which helps in this direction, often becomes the assistant to choose the right words, with which parents can simply communicate with their children about difficult things.

In this category of literature, our online store does not only have puberty books for children. For example, the book "How to hug a cactus?" aimed at parents. It is about properly supporting your teenage children, building a bridge of mutual understanding with them and becoming the support that will help them confidently and with minimal stress to pass this important stage of psychological and personal development.

You will see many books for both boys and girls. The variety of the assortment will help you choose exactly what you need. The "Magic Book of Cossacks" is of particular interest among parents, as it is loved by children. Despite the fact that some people are ashamed of such a name, psychologists say that the topic of defecation is of great interest to young children, since it is the first process that they can control on their own when they start using the potty. Therefore, this topic is directly related to the issue of growing up when it comes to the smallest.

Interesting content and quality design

When we form the assortment of our store, we try to fill it with such books that meet the following parameters:

  • Content and ability to really serve your useful information.
  • Aesthetic design, thanks to which the book is pleasant to hold.
  • Reasonable prices that make buying books profitable for you.
  • A large assortment, which applies not only to literature about growing up, but also books from other categories.

We also have a delivery loyalty program. If you order books from 80 euros, you get free delivery. All the presented books are in our warehouse in Germany, and the processing of the order and the dispatch of your package is done as quickly as possible.