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A child's best friends interesting books for preschoolers

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be curious and always seek knowledge. Such qualities contribute to success in life. Books have always been one of the best means of development. Literature for preschoolers is presented in a rich assortment. Taking into account the leading role of books in a child's development, parents and educators have the task of teaching preschoolers to love books, and then everyone else.

Why should children read?

Children love to be read to. At first, everything begins with fairy tales, poems, lullabies, various stories. If parents do not neglect reading even the smallest, then the chances increase that the book will soon become the best friend of your heir. Developmental books for preschoolers are able to:

  • expand the child's understanding of the world;
  • introduce everything that surrounds the child: nature, objects, animals, etc.;
  • influence the formation of preferences and reading tastes of the baby;
  • to develop logical and figurative thinking;
  • expand vocabulary, memory, imagination and fantasy;
  • learn to make sentences correctly.

Children who are regularly read aloud begin to understand the structure of a literary work (where it begins, how the plot unfolds, where it ends). The best books for preschoolers teach the baby to listen, which is very important. Getting acquainted with books, the child learns his native language better. And if a child reads in a foreign language, it is possible that this way she will be able to learn English or German or learn to understand it by ear.

Popular books for preschool reading

Psychologists are of the opinion that children whose parents read to them differ in emotional balance and self-confidence. Reading aloud in general plays an important role for those boys and girls who can already read a book themselves.

Of course, it is better to teach the little one to independent reading. Children's literature for preschoolers is impressive in its diversity. You can find exciting stories about animals, people, planets, nature. Children under the age of 5 love prose poems. An excellent option is rhythmic works, including:

  • poems;
  • counters;
  • songs;
  • various songs;
  • rhyming potishki.

Many books for preschool reading are characterized by dynamism and expressiveness, so they are easy to perceive and remember. Such works perfectly meet the needs of children. They perfectly combine rhythm, intonation, melodies and movement. And, of course, interesting books for preschoolers with colorful covers attract the attention of children.

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