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Julia Donaldson is an inspiring author to do good

The best way to instill in children a love of quality literature is to read to them books by Julia Donaldson. The magical tales of this famous English writer are full of kindness, justice and deep moral values. Her interesting stories improve the mood not only of young readers, but also of their parents.

A little biography

Modern children's writer Julia Donaldson, buy whose books are available on our website, was born in 1948 in London. Everyone in her family was very fond of music - her father played the cello, and her mother, along with Julia, sang along to him.

For several years, the woman worked on the radio, created children's musicals and composed children's songs for radio programs. Later, Julia headed a theater studio for children.

Once she was offered to turn one of the songs into an illustrated book, and the result exceeded all expectations. That is how in 1993 the first book of this writer called "If the house is cramped" was published.

Magical tales of Julia Donaldson

The book that brought the writer worldwide fame is called The Gruffalo. This poetic tale is dedicated to a forest monster, ugly on the outside and good at heart.

The Gruffalo is a story that teaches children to overcome their fears through humor. It is for her Julia Donaldson, fairy tales which today is known all over the world, received several prestigious awards.

Other stories she wrote became equally popular Julia Donaldson. Books, which can be called the bestsellers of the author:

  • "The Gruffalo's Daughter";
  • "Horse on a broom";
  • "Snail and Whale";
  • "I want to see my mother."

Decency and kindness, friendship and mutual help - these and other qualities he tries to instill in children in his works Julia Donaldson. Buy books this famous English writer can be found on our website.