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School books everything a student needs

When a child goes to school, it is necessary to prepare well for learning. First of all, you should purchase the necessary accessories, stationery, special clothes (namely, a uniform, if the educational institution requires it to be worn). What else you will need are school books. They can be taken from the library, but, as a rule, there are old editions there, and the information in them may not be up-to-date. Therefore, modern parents often prefer to buy new books for schoolchildren.

Where to make a purchase?

The online store "" offers the opportunity to buy books for school. Buyers have a wide range of books at the best prices. You can familiarize yourself with the catalog and choose the best option for your heir. It is most convenient to buy school books online. You will have the opportunity to calmly familiarize yourself with the list of literature, read descriptions, compare the prices of books for schoolchildren. You are guaranteed to receive the goods by delivery. We ship books for school to various corners of the globe, including Australia, USA, Japan, Korea. Our store is based in Germany, but we have customers from all over Europe and other parts of the world.

What books are there?

The following items are offered in the catalog of printed products:

  1. A primer for a schoolchild is the first book that helps a first-grader remember the drawing of letters, learn the pronunciation of sounds, learn to merge individual sounds into syllables, read small texts and understand their meaning. Often, the primer is put on the same level as the alphabet, but this is incorrect. These manuals differ in performance and perform different functions. A primer is a collection of letters, but the letters may not be alphabetical. In addition to familiarizing the child with letters and sounds, the main purpose is to teach them to read and understand the meaning of what they read.
  2. The alphabet is a collection of letters in alphabetical order, by which the child can learn the drawing and name of letters, as well as the pronunciation of sounds. In fact, it is an alphabet illustrated with pictures. The alphabet is published in the form of books and posters. There is also the "Talking Alphabet" - a sound poster with a speaker and buttons.
  3. School Spelling is a handbook for teaching writing that includes correct calligraphy patterns. That is, according to these notebooks with a printed basis, a student of primary grades should not only learn to write individual letters, then - syllables, words, sentences, but also to do it correctly and beautifully.
  4. Dictionaries are an irreplaceable assistant that will tell you the answer to any question. You should order a book for a student in order to practice and consolidate the acquired knowledge in training exercises. At the end you can find sections on phonetics and grammar.

The online store of school books offers a multiplication table for purchase, with the help of which the student will be able to understand this mathematical operation. The poster can be hung on the wall near the desk so that the child always has a sign in front of him - so he will remember it better.

In addition to being able to buy books for schoolchildren, you can buy notebooks with vocabulary exercises in the German language. They are intended for detailed practice of the material learned in school lessons. There are also workbooks on literary reading and English language.