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Interesting ideas for reading for a 16-year-old

The problem of choosing books at the age of 16 can be related to several things. The first is the internal state of an individual individual. For example, some are growing up fast and have long dreamed of reading books for teenagers about love, or even adult novels with intimate details, while some read fairy tales and children's stories all the time.

Secondly, with the transition from a complete prohibition to read anything about "adult" love to the ability to read about it calmly, without paying much attention to it. It is extremely difficult to free a child from this threshold. Keeping them in the dark until they have their own children is not very smart. From the age of 15 to 17, it is necessary to be able to transfer teenagers across this reading line.

What to consider when choosing a book?

Here are the most important parameters to pay attention to when choosing interesting books for 16-year-olds:

  1. Features of child development — high school students already read like adults: they easily cope with large volumes of texts and do not need illustrations. At this age, children are mainly busy discovering their inner world, they choose their future profession, realize their dreams and ideals, and try to determine their place in the adult world. Often they themselves choose detective stories for teenagers, books that help them find patterns of behavior in different situations and options for reactions to certain circumstances.
  2. The content of the text - it is important to understand whether the story will be interesting, whether the book does not contain harmful information for a teenager, whether the worldview of the characters coincides with the views of the family. You should pay special attention to such details as the complete text or adaptation, the quality of the translation, the author's style. Publishers do not always mark that the book is published in an abridged or adapted version. When choosing literature for 16-year-olds by foreign authors, pay attention to the translator. Before buying, make sure that you are close to the author's values and the expressions he uses.
  3. Design details - famous books can differ from each other not only in translations, but also in the style of illustrations. You should not rely on the choice of the publisher, but carefully look before buying which images decorate the book. Perhaps their style will seem unacceptable or unaesthetic to you. Sometimes pictures make too strong an impression on a child. If the son or daughter is too vulnerable, it is better to choose an option with some neutral pictures, even if scary illustrations have long become classics.

It is better to choose exciting books for high school children, in which the heroes find themselves in difficult situations. For example, dystopian novels, detective stories or science fiction stories about distant space travel.

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